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Life Coach and Caregiver Support Specialist


Cherry Ford-Jenkins is originally from Albany, Georgia.  She received advance academia from Kaplan University in the field of Medical Office Management and Public Health. She serves as the Office Manager, Life Coach, and Caregiver Support Specialist. 


She has always been very passionate and caring about people whether it was for their physical health, emotional health, or spiritual well-being.  She remembers as a little girl, her first encounter of caring for someone special (her grandfather).  After that experience, she desired to become the caregiver for her family and friends. With forty-five years of experience caring for people, she has seen how the stresses of caring for our love ones have affected the life of a caregiver.


She decided to embrace the vision that God has given her, to become a Life Coach and a Caregiver Support Specialist.  Along with the vision, God has given her the gifts of compassion, love, and support. Even though all the people she cared for were very special to her, the one that touched her mostly was her husband whom she was married to for thirty-seven years. In 2009, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. For the many years of caring for him, she experienced tremendous stress.  Upon his death, she realized the lack of support for the caregiver. The caregiver needs somewhere to go to release the pressure from the everyday life of caring. 

Ms. Ford-Jenkins is a Life Coach and Caregiver Support Specialist providing service through caring, compassionate, and support.  She teaches a caregiver how to de-stress by using various coping skills and provide a listening ear. Being she has served as a caregiver for many years, she knows the challenges you are going. Take time for yourself. Life is too short!



Life is full of challenges, transitions, and dreams. We need a plan to help us maneuver through them. But sometimes we don't know how to develop a plan or we are stuck in figuring out how to complete the next step in life. Life coaching helps you to mold a customized plan just for you. You will create a plan that has short term and long term goals with detailed tasks to help you achieve your overall goal. To be successful, you have to make a plan and  stick with it. No one can live your life but you. Take charge to be all you are destined to be. Sign up for sessions today!


Physical challenges can affect ourselves, close family, or friends over time. It can leave a person ill and/or disabled. We can find ourselves transitioning into a new role as a caregiver with no guide on how to be one without losing ourselves. As we take care of the ones closest to us, we may feel overwhelmed. Our bodies become affected mentally, physically, and emotionally. We feel fatigued, extremely stressed, experience weight changes, unexplained pain, and illness. At In Harmony Holistic Chiropractic Centre, we understand how you feel. We offer holistic chiropractic care along with free caregiver support services to help you deal with these issues so you live a happy and fulfilling life. It feels good to know that someone is here for you. Call today for an appointment!

We offer a FREE Caregiver Support Services.

We know being a caregiver is a hard job and you need a way to relieve your stress. We are here for you!!!


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