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My name is Arlene Reed. I am originally from Brighton, Alabama; a mother of two children, Adrienne LaShun Ferron and Timothy Juwan Reed, and now a (Nana) of my first grandson, Alexander. In 1995 walking by faith, I moved to Cartersville, Georgia. Being here two days I met an angel, Sarah Durham who help me to get my first job at Shaw Industries. After working at Shaw Industries for 10 years; my dream was to step out in faith to become an entrepreneur.Thank you Sarah for encouraging me to follow my dream. I know that you are smiling down on me. 


Fulfilling my dream I built “Must Clean Call Arlene” This business begin in 2004 and is still operating. I am pursuing my second dream of being a Motivational Speaker. As a young girl growing up in a small community, I was surrounded around positive people that always spoke life into me. After graduating from high school and going off to college, I realized that my upbringing and the people surrounding me was not congruent with the new people that I was meeting. My mother sat me down at the age of 21 explaining to me that not everyone believed that they could live a joyful life and still be blessed. This is when I realized that this was a inner passion that I desired in my heart to speak life to people. God started bringing people in my life that was raised in the same positive atmosphere as myself to remind me of the truth that had already been instilled in my heart. I asked God to restore me and help me to help others to see that God word is real as well as He wants the best for his children.


God began to pour this scripture in my spirit: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit -Proverbs 18:21. We do not realize how much power is in the tongue. Our words can destroy and kill, if they are not used properly. My goal is to speak life to God's people.


After losing my mother, Lucille Reed in 1999 so quickly from a massive heart attack; it was so important that God be everything in my life, because my best motivator was gone home to be with Him. He allowed me the opportunity to spend time and be there for my father who was my second motivator, Joe Lee Reed, Sr. My aunt, Estelle Little, was my third motivator; she believed in me and said to step out faith and the do the will of God.They all have gone to be with the Lord.


God has given me the opportunity to speak at various programs at churches, conferences, family gatherings, etc. As I began to clean homes, this was my opportunity to minister to those who felt that they were in bondage in their life and felt that there was no hope. I began to leave positive affirmations from Sunday services in their homes every time that I was there.This opened the door for me to speak life and share the word of God with them on a regular basis and invite them to church. God spoke and said it's time to walk in the vision that I‘ve given you. God “Here I am. Here I stand. Lord my life is in your hands. All my dreams and all my plans, Lord I place them in your hands. I give myself away”.


Arlene Reed




You are a very special person with a destined path towards success! Sometimes, we forget our purpose in life and why we are so important to this world. This is when you need someone to support and guide you. In Harmony Holistic Chiropractic Centre is here for you. Come attend our motivational support groups! You will love them!!