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Marietta mobile location:

Fortified City Christian Church

3651 Canton RD Suite 203

Marietta, GA 30066

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Meet the Doctors

Shatillia McFarlin-Ball, BSW, MBAHCM, MT, DC
Chiropractor and Chief Clinical Director

Specialties: Personal Injury, Wellness, and Family


Dr. McFarlin-Ball is a native of Florida. She started her journey in the field of healthcare as a young child. She always had a passion to serve people and help them live the dream they wanted to live. She was given a vision of providing her community with a one-stop center that addressed their basic needs while serving them with love.


In 1998, Dr. McFarlin-Ball graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor in Social Work. She understood how a person was unable to focus on health if they have socioeconomic problems to deal with daily in their lives. After working with developmental and behaviorally challenged children, she wanted to broaden her service out to helping people more as a natural health practitioner. In 2006, she obtained her degree in Master of Business Administration specializing in Healthcare Management from University of Phoenix to help her develop the structure and function of the one-stop center. In addition, she graduated from Florida College of Natural Health as a licensed massage therapist focused on helping people reduce their stress with neuromuscular therapy which would help improve their overall mind, body, and spirit. While working with one of the top chiropractors (Dr. Osmany Periu) in Florida, she found the inspiration to become a chiropractor and realized how chiropractic changed lives and reconnected the person back in harmony within themselves and to their community.


After attaining advanced knowledge and experience in the field of chiropractic, Dr. McFarlin-Ball graduated from Life University. Also, she received Advance Proficiency Rating in Activator Methods and a member of the American Chiropractic Association. She utilizes a variety of techniques and modalities to take care of her patients such as Diversified, Thompson, Extremity Care, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Nutrition. She understands that the spine was designed to protect the most precious aspect of the body, the nervous system, which controls the lifeline to life. It needs the proper nutrition and internal environment to function optimally which is the reason why holistic chiropractic is so important. The mind, body, and spirit work together. If one area is affected, then the other is affected. Your body has to be in harmony for life to flourish. As a wife and mother, she believes the time you spend with your family and friends are precious. With a heart to serve in love, Dr. McFarlin-Ball wants everyone to live in harmony at their optimal level of health while living the life of their dreams.



Dr. McFarlin-Ball is committed to giving back to the community by providing chiropractic care for the homeless at MUST Ministries and providing health education at health fair events in GA.