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Sound Therapy, Singing the Body of Electric Movement Class, & Therapy Styles

with Gifted Strings Academie












Description of Sound Therapy

To learn how to focus on your feelings, actions, and expressions as well as how to maintain self-control through the energy of sound and music. This will decrease stress, correct early development of non-social skills, stimulate the brain activity for longevity, emphasizing breathing techniques on a daily basis, and learning relaxation routines to help with self-practicing on a daily/weekly basis. This will be experienced through couples, individual, and/or group atmosphere.




















Description of Singing the Body of Electric Class

"Celebrating the Heart's Journey to Wholeness”. To explore your personal goals and ability while being aware of life and what it has to offer. We will also cover nature, which focuses on biological genetic influences, versus nurture exercises and activities, which has environmental influences. To learn about yourself and others around you increases a happier and more positive lifestyle for your future without any worries or harm to yourself. You can focus on your boundaries of life and to prevent overwhelming situations. This will be experienced through, but not limited to, couples, individual, and/or group exercises, activities, and instruments such as drums, Bowls, Violin, etc.














Maternity Women Sessions

To play a soothing sound of music to ensure a safe and healthy delivery for the children while the mother is “Celebrating a New life Into the World”. This particular therapy can decrease complications with birth prior to and after delivery as well as help the mother to relax the muscles while continuously breathing through unbearable pain. This can be a couple, individual, and/or group session.













Tell A Story Through Music (for kids)

To create a storyline through music such as Peter and The Wolf. Kids will learn how to identify animals and objects through sound effects and experience hands-on activities. Each class will have a theme to help set the mood. Popular tunes and books will be used for this session. This will be expressed through Contact Therapy, which the music is sending a signal through the vibrations and causing resonance responses. This is a group session and/or with parents included. Summary: Sessions will provide harmony, which creates a powerful harmonic sound vibration to a person, sacred sounds, which provides a feeling of love, joy, gratitude, and compassion through sessions, and as well as a peaceful and relaxation mind-set which will stay balance throughout the daily lifestyle and will allow easy adaptation to changes better.

















o Trauma/Death- This therapy uses techniques for the purpose of resolving the difficult feelings experienced by a trauma victim through a change in thoughts, beliefs and behavior. The principal techniques in trauma-focused therapy are exposure, cognitive restructuring and learning methods for emotional and physical adjustment. Using exposure techniques, helps to cope with traumatic memories, as well as situations, people and objects that have become connected to the trauma and now arouse a strong physical or emotional response that is disconnected from reality. Cognitive treatment helps the trauma victim to identify and change those negative thoughts and beliefs that cause unpleasant feelings and difficulties functioning. Emotional and physical adjustment techniques are for reducing tension, for example: -Breathing for slow breathing and dealing with hyperventilation and related to phenomena -Assertiveness which are ways to express thoughts, emotions, desires, and opinions without distancing others -Stopping thoughts which are a method for distracting oneself from difficult thoughts.


o Insomnia-A structured program that helps you identify and replace thoughts and behaviors that cause or worsen sleep problems with habits that promote sound sleep. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia aims to improve sleep habits and behaviors. This therapy will teach you how to control or eliminate negative thoughts and worries that keep you awake. The music selection will focus on Stimulus Control Therapy which helps remove factors that condition the mind to resist sleep and other techniques that reduce sleep pattern problems.


o Anxiety Depression/Nervous Breakdown- A focus on, but not limited to, symptoms that includes obsessive, worried thoughts, confusion and difficulty concentrating, pacing or restlessness, irritability, frustration, and despair. Conditions of anxiety interfere with relationships, sleeping patterns, eating habits, work, school, and routine activities. Therapy can significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms in a relatively short time, allowing a person to resume regular activities and regain a sense of control. Aims to identify and address the source of these conditions. The process of therapy helps people to understand, unravel, and transform such problems and learn self-soothing techniques to use if anxiety, depression, and nervous breakdown flare up again.


o Relaxation-Especially suited to managing and reducing stress. Focusing on you, relaxing the mind, while music is played. This powerful relaxation technique may require that you lay down somewhere comfortable and firm, like a rug or mat on the floor. This technique involves progressively contracting and relaxing the main muscle groups around the body that store tension. For many, controlled and conscious relaxation is not part of their routine. It is important to learn how to relax and take time to relax throughout your life. Conscious relaxation can help to relieve stress and anxiety and also boost your energy - making you more creative and more productive. Other techniques involve contracting and releasing groups of muscles, from the foot to the head.


Instruments Used (to name a few, but not limited to): Violin, Piano, and Voice


Classes: Based on location availability and hours of operation. 


Group Sessions are a minimum of 8 and maximum of 30.






To schedule, please call Kareh Nixon at 757-918-0673.